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Mar 23, 2013 5:00pm PDT
sped away in a dark-colored sedan. >>> a statewide manhunt is on for a san jose man wanted in the stabbing death of his ex-girlfriend. police are looking for juan ramirez. he is accused of the stabbing yesterday afternoon in san jose. investigators released new details today, saying ramirez confronted his former girlfriend, sandra cruz gonsales, in a parking hat and they began to argue. they previously dated and broke up two years ago. police are familiar with the couple. >> gone out, dealt with not only the suspect but the victim to the point where she probably got direction from the police department or the d.a.'s office and filled out a restraining order against the suspect. >> ama: for several hours police searched for ramirez. they went door-to-door checking houses. police believe ramirez is driving a dark green 1996 toyota truck similar to this one and may be heading to mexico. >>> a new detail tonight about an officer involved shooting that wounded a castro valley man. a 49-year-old parolee was shot after pointing what legendded to -- looked to by a rifle at shaves sheriffs
Mar 2, 2013 5:00pm PST
held thursday at noon in san jose. now, scholarship fund has been established in honor of the officers. santa cruz businesses have already committed $125,000. i you want to make a donation, go to the web site and click on "see it on tv". >> a high-tech surveillance system led police in palo alto to arrest victor adrian martinez lopez of hayward, charged with felony burglary. a woman called to say someone had burglarized her apartment. the stolen items cluld their surveillance camera which had a motion sensor and automatically contacted her regarding the suspect at the apartment. the suspect was a maintenance worker at the build. >> the budget cuts from the sequester are here. president obama signed an order last night launching $85 billion worth of spending cuts. in project the cuts will have a big impact. here is what i immediately affected. air force training flying hours have been cut back. deployment has been delayed for the uss trumanan navy air craft carrier. capitol police are seeing a substantial reduction in overtime, and interest -- some entrances to the capitol are
Mar 16, 2013 5:00pm PDT
officer-involved shootings on march 2nd in san francisco, san jose, and union city, and one occurred the next day, involving hayward police. >> right through a few dozen people are without power no san francisco. a small explosion took out a pg&e line this morning. nearly 3700 people were without power. it's been mostly restored. pg&e says there are 76 people remain without power at this time. shopkeepers said it slowed down the usually brisk saturday business. >> like a bomb, and then the light went off. usually we have a lot of people come by, buy eggs, break fast, and then we serve coffee until the coffee is gone. >> pg&e is still not sure what caused the outage. the downed line forced muni to switch to gas-powerrerred buss in the area. >>> they were cleaning up today in oakland after poeters vandalized five banks on franklin avenue last night, and also shattered a large window at the tribune tower. the damage was caused during what organizers called a march against capitalism and police resuppression. -- repression. police say no one was arrested and there were no injuries. >> family
Mar 30, 2013 5:00pm PDT
declared today "welcome home vietnam veterans day" in california. today the city of san jose unveiled a memorial to the 142 native servicemen who lost their lives in the conflict. emotional family members and veterans are thankful for the black granite memorial, although many believe the hours long overdue. >> should have been done a long time ago. it's powerful for those who have been to vietnam. a lot of veterans, and some from the vietnamese army and some from the navy, air force, maybe even coast guard. >> ama: the sons of san jose monument was built entirely by volunteers and is located east of hb pavilion. >> ahead, u.s. navy warship gets stuck, and it took ingenuity to remove it. >>> pope francis adds to the catholic ranks during holy saturday mass at the vatican. >>> and live doppler 7hd showses a storm system heading our way. league will >> the u.s. navy provided this video of u.s. crews lifting section0s the ship from the reef in the philippines. the ship had to be cut into sections and airlifted from the water on to a barge. the final section of the hull, weighing 250 tons, w
Mar 9, 2013 5:00pm PST
gatos. 68, san jose, riff city, 66. palo alto, 68. we'll floor clear sky . in downtown dan francisco, 64. north bay, 72. oakland tomorrow, just a nice day, with 68 degrees there union city, 67. interior beast -- east bay. 72. pleasanton 70. sunset tomorrow is 7:13, enjoy it. as we head into monday, check out tuesday, wednesday, feels like spring. going to with temperatures in the mid-70s. inland was around 70 degrees near the bay, and 60s at the coast, and by the way abc7 has another great weather resource for you followed at live doppler 7 hd, follow us on twitter for the latest conditions, rain or shine, video forecasts, weather alerts, poweroutage information. >> ama: feets like spring and baseball. >> mike: world baseball classic good full swing, today with canada and mexico. these two teams had a disagreement which escal >> mike: sharking hosting st. louis in a matinee. st. louis gave them the blues scoring one more in overtime for the victory. >> patrick marleau setting the tone early. ouch. second period, sharks on the power play. owen for the point second goal of the year. 3-
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5